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      Born and raised in Colorado, I grew-up with a great appreciation of Nature's natural beauty. Having always loved Photography, in the mid 90's I decided to make it my #1 passion. As an avid hunter and fisherman, I was always in awe of what was around me. I didn't realize until later in life that what attracted me more than the hunt or the fish, was the scenery.

      There are and have been many artists in the world, but Mother Nature is not to be matched. You think you have just seen the best she can offer, and then maybe the very next day the same view is even better. My goal is to show you what I see. Sometimes I feel truly blessed with what nature has put in front of me, and if I can capture it at that very moment, I have been blessed again. God is the Artist, I just record it.

​      You will also find a couple links to other artists I have worked with extensively.

      Sherry Finzer and Darin Mahoney are very talented musicians. Sherry's flute and Darin's guitar compliment each other in a very pleasing and comforting way that you'll enjoy listening to. Please visit them at and

You will also find them at

      Jeff Pine is a wonderful  Entertainer / Artist, and the opportunity to see him should not be passed up. Visit his website and see some beautiful drawings along with other talents he has at

      Also Paul Jensen's Native American sound gives a soothing touch and some imagination

to be enjoyed.


      I hope you enjoy what you see in my web site. Not all of my images are special, but I think you will find some that are.


      Thank You for visiting my site!

   B.E. Butler      

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